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Workload Automation Transformation in 2023

EMA's latest research delves into the evolving role of WLA software, which is now recognized as a crucial tool for supporting digital transformation initiatives.

Excerpt from the 2023 EMA Research Report

WLA is evolving again as it transforms into an orchestrator of automation that spans across the enterprise. The transformation is being driven by the need for organizations to automate more complex and diverse workloads across hybrid IT environments.

Dan Twing EMA President and COO

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    EMA has conducted a global survey of IT and business executives, managers, and users to examine the latest trends and transformations affecting the Workload Automation (WLA) landscape in 2023. The study focuses on the role of WLA software in facilitating digital transformation efforts.


    With the advancement of WLA to support cloud computing, data pipelines, DevOps, and other emerging IT trends, it has become a valuable tool for supporting digital transformation initiatives. As organizations continue to deploy and operate digital services, WLA software is constantly updated to meet new requirements. Leading WLA products have evolved into a central orchestration point for various forms of automation, playing a critical role in developing and operating digitally transformed processes.

    Gain Insight Into the Advancing Transformation of WLA

    • The state of Digital Transformation in 2023
    • WLA’s role in supporting digital transformation
    • WLA supporting cloud-based applications
    • Digital transformation and cloud computing impact on WLA
    • WLA increasing usage across the enterprise

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