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InfiniteDATA to Grow at a 76% CAGR by 2027

EMA market forecast expects InfiniteDATA to become one of the fastest-growing WLA vendors by 2027 at an impressive CAGR of 76% as the WLA market reaches $5.12B

InfiniteDATA, the provider of Enterprise Automation and Orchestration platform AutomateNOW!, is featured in the EMA Research Report “Global Workload Automation Market Size and Forecast: 2022 to 2027”, prepared by Dan Twing and released today. According to the report, by 2027 InfiniteDATA will become the 7th among the top 19 market leaders (up from 12th position in 2022) and one of the fastest-growing WLA vendors, with a CAGR of 76,3% and 3.33% in market share. Despite being one of the youngest products on the market, AutomateNOW! was also one of the top-rated software in another EMA research, the “EMA WLA Radar Report” in both Q4 2019 and Q4 2021.

“The market research conducted by EMA confirms the accuracy of our long-term strategy with which we aim to achieve double-digit market share as WLA undergoes a groundbreaking transformation.”

Miroslaw Andziak, CEO and co-founder of InfiniteDATA

Supporting data-driven enterprises

The mature Workload Automation (WLA) market is on the verge of a shift towards a more impactful role in supporting the orchestration of automation across the enterprise, states the EMA Research Report. As companies are accelerating toward becoming data-driven enterprises, software providers such as InfiniteDATA deliver critical disruptive innovations designed to maximize the benefits of big data.

Trends like a greater emphasis on the orchestration of data pipelines, cloud services, or automation of business processes are being observed, as well as an increasing number of WLA users among a variety of roles across the enterprise, including non-IT, which constitutes a move from the traditional understanding of WLA platforms as purely scheduling and monitoring tools used within IT operations.

”Enterprises have an increased appetite for automation as they digitally transform their businesses,” said Dan Twing, President and COO at EMA. ”WLA is important to managing and monitoring mission-critical automation, and is expanding to orchestrate automation across the enterprise.”

The future of the WLA market

EMA estimates that the WLA market will reach $2.58B at the end of 2022, and the four largest vendors will account for 85% of the market. Furthermore, the research predicts possible scenarios for market growth. With a 60% likelihood, the report forecasts that the WLA tools will transition towards broader orchestration software. Under this assumption, the market is expected to grow to $5.12B by 2027 (14.7% CAGR), and the top four vendors’ market share will decline by over 10%.

Download the report

Workload Automation Market Size Report for download

To learn more about the WLA market future and trends, download the EMA’s market sizing report here.

Miroslaw Andziak

Co-Founder and CEO of InfiniteDATA. Enthusiast and evangelist of democratized automation and autonomous enterprise. At InfiniteDATA responsible for all aspects of managing the growth of the company: finding new business opportunities, engaging new customers, assure a world-class software product development, leading the group of amazing individuals, pioneering new approaches and developing business partnerships, but foremost he is devoted to bring value to customers with the approach of uncompromised automation. He brings overall over 25 years of industry experience gathered in environments of FORTUNE 500 companies.

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