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InfiniteDATA becomes part of Beta Systems Software AG
InfiniteDATA becomes part of Beta Systems Software AG

Stronger together: Germany-based Beta Systems acquires InfiniteDATA, aiming for a leading position in the global automation market with AutomateNOW!

WARSAW, POLAND, October 4, 2023 / InfiniteDATA, the global leader of the workload automation (WLA) software market, becomes the part of the Germany-based Beta Systems Software AG (Beta Systems), an established software vendor with global reach.

AutomateNOW! rated #1 WLA platform gets today the rocket fuel needed for global expansion. Our team is devoted to bring uncompromised automation to enterprise customers worldwide. Joining forces with Beta makes us stronger and accelerates our ability to scale. We are much stronger together.

Mirosław Andziak, CEO of InfiniteDATA

Beta Systems’ acquisition of AutomateNOW!, the #1 WLA platform, combines 40 years of global market experience with the latest technology capabilities, which makes Beta Systems one of the strongest competitors in the mature enterprise automation market.

Our acquisition of AutomateNOW! is a major milestone in our mission to use automation to release human potential. The market is in urgent need of a global player offering customers, partners and employees sustainable, reliable, robust WLA solutions. This transaction is a game-changer for existing and future customers.

Rigas Paschaloudis, Beta Systems COO

Beta Systems CTO, Mirko Minnich commented:

Enterprise Automation is a top priority for Beta Systems’ strategy and our mission to serve our clients with the scale, stability and support they deserve. Beta Systems’ 40 years of market experience on a global scale, combined with #1 WLA platform, AutomateNOW!, position Beta Systems to claim the leading position in the global automation market.

Mirko Minnich, Beta Systems CTO

AutomateNOW! is a recognised technology leader by the Enterprise Management Associates Radar Report in Workload Automation – and is the current industry leader.

Beta Systems has indicated that AutomateNOW! will be scaled up with immediate effect, and has already prepared a go-to-market strategy, portfolio alignment, and post-merger integration.

The transaction has been served by European M&A Advisor CapEQ. Mark Sapsford of CapEQ said:

This is an exciting business combination which we expect to take the WLA market by storm. We’re thrilled to have assisted in originating, negotiating and closing a landmark transaction in this space.

About InfiniteDATA

InfiniteDATA is a software company headquartered in Warsaw, Poland. Operating in the market since 2010, it’s the provider of the globally recognized Enterprise Automation and Orchestration platform AutomateNOW!

AutomateNOW! is the globally recognized enterprise automation and orchestration platform -ranked #1 in the Enterprise Management Associates Radar Report for Workload Automation in Q4 2019, Q4 2021 and Q3 2023. Since its launch, the product has disrupted the mature WLA market with its innovative approach to architecture based on microservices. The one-click-away concept, web-based interface, self-service, and collaboration features make AutomateNOW! a groundbreaking solution that democratizes access to automation and its advantages across the whole enterprise, empowering both IT and business users with the necessary tools and information.

  • InfiniteDATA is valued for its visionary view on enterprise automation and excellent ability to execute. This vision translates directly into several unique capabilities and functionalities of AutomateNOW! which make a significant difference for companies that aim for the digital transformation of their processes:
  • Infinite scalability thanks to the microservices architecture,
  • Over 300 out-of-the-box integrations including ERP, ETL, Databases, Cloud (Azure, AWS, GCP), Big Data, z/OS, and countless other systems,
  • Contextual Intelligence approach that adds an extra dimension for adaptability of executing workloads to changing business insights,
  • Flexible SaaS offering available in Microsoft Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud options with 99.95% availability,
  • Most advanced SAP automation capabilities enabling to perform all types of advanced orchestration out of the box.

InfiniteDATA and its partner network distribute AutomateNOW! globally, serving the largest customers in Banking, Insurance, Telco, Manufacturing, Retail, and Energy sectors.

About Beta Systems

Beta Systems Software Aktiengesellschaft (BSS, ISIN DE000A2BPP88) was founded in 1983, is listed in the Scale segment of Deutsche Börse and employs around 700 people across the Group. The company is headquartered in Berlin – other important development sites are located in Cologne, Munich, Neustadt (Weinstrasse), Rietheim-Weilheim, Rengsdorf, Szczecin and Wroclaw.

Beta Systems is active nationally and internationally with more than 20 of its own group companies and numerous partner companies. More than 3,900 companies worldwide use products and solutions from the Beta Systems Group, making it one of the leading medium-sized and independent software providers in Europe.

Miroslaw Andziak

Co-Founder and CEO of InfiniteDATA. Enthusiast and evangelist of democratized automation and autonomous enterprise. At InfiniteDATA responsible for all aspects of managing the growth of the company: finding new business opportunities, engaging new customers, assure a world-class software product development, leading the group of amazing individuals, pioneering new approaches and developing business partnerships, but foremost he is devoted to bring value to customers with the approach of uncompromised automation. He brings overall over 25 years of industry experience gathered in environments of FORTUNE 500 companies.

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