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EMA Radar Report for WLA Q4 2023

Download the most comprehensive report on Enterprise Automation solutions: EMA Radar on WLA Q4 2023 prepared by Enterprise Management Associates, the independent industry research & analysis organization.

Quote from EMA Radar Report 2023

AutomateNOW! continues to impress with its clean architectural design and development speed. InfiniteDATA has a big and broad vision for enterprise automation and is driving hard to deliver that vision to enterprises.

EMA Radar for WLA Q4 2023

Get the EMA Radar Report for WLA 2023

    About the EMA Radar Report for WLA 2023 report

    The research conducted by Enterprise Management Associates is based on customer feedback gathered from a comprehensive survey, end-customer interviews, and in-depth product demonstrations. The result is a trustworthy analysis covering each product’s performance in five dimensions:

    • functionality
    • architecture & integration
    • deployment & administration
    • cost advantage
    • vendor strength

    What makes AutomateNOW a Value Leader in EMA Radar Report?

    The Radar Report analyzes AutomateNOW!’s unique capabilities that made it possible to achieve the highest Functionalities and overall Product Strength scores and proved its functional dominance over other market players.


    AutomateNOW! is recognized in the Report for these key features, among others:

    • Unlimited scalability thanks to the microservices architecture
    • Self-service and collaboration features
    • Advanced SAP automation capabilities
    • Reusable components and out-of-the-box integrations
    • SaaS offering with cloud services

    Download the EMA Radar Report for WLA 2023

    The EMA Radar Report is available to download for free. Simply fill out the form and enjoy it!
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