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Watch the recordings from AutomationWEEK 2023

Did you miss AutomationWEEK 2023? Access the recordings of all the sessions and roundtables held at the online conference free of charge!

Get the AutomationWEEK 2023 recordings

    About AutomationWEEK 2023

    AutomationWEEK 2023, the top online event on enterprise automation took place in October 2023, but if you haven’t had the chance to attend, you can still get access to the complete recordings!

    You will have an exquisite chance to learn about the following:

    • predictions and trends of Enterprise Automation for the next 2 years,
    • the secrets behind successful digital transformations including the pivotal role of automation,
    • the impact of Enterprise Automation on the modern data landscape,
    • the role of Workload Automation in migrations from the mainframe,
    • and many other solutions to the urging challenges of global enterprises in the area of automation.

    See AutomateNOW! in Action

    Get a closer look at AutomateNOW! capabilities by watching the demo sessions prepared by our product experts. Discover numerous case studies of real-life enterprise automation implementations as global companies present a diverse range of inspiring success stories.

    Watch the demo presentations of battle-proven AutomateNOW! use cases on:

    • orchestrating data and cloud ecosystems,
    • the role of external automation in SAP,
    • DevOps and integrations with CI/CD and issue tracking tools,
    • democratized approach to Managed File Transfer,
    • automatic migrations from Broadcom Automic,
    • z/OS Mainframe automation, and more!

    Get access to the AutomationWEEK 2023 recordings

    Recordings from the conference are available to watch for free. Simply fill out the form and enjoy!
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