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<p>Managed File Transfer</p>
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Managed File Transfer

Smoothly manage massive file exchange in heterogenous and complex environments spanning from on-prem to the cloud.

Robust Enterprise Managed File Transfer with AutomateNOW! platform

End-to-end internal and external file transfers

Easily integrate AutomateNOW!’s Managed File Transfer solution for optimal control, visibility, and efficiency. AutomateNOW! streamlines data management by ensuring the right information is accessible at the right time and place.


The solution features intelligent scheduling and a user-friendly workflow design, allowing businesses to automate the flow of data between various applications and platforms through managed file transfer functions. Data is securely transferred both internally and externally with third-party partners and vendors.

Diagram of Managed File Transfer internal and external use cases (cloud, hybrid, on-premises)

Transfer from anywhere to anywhere

AutomateNOW! Managed File Transfer solution is a fully scalable platform that connects to any endpoint. It provides support for a wide range of internal and external server ecosystems, as well as on-premises and cloud-based environments, such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, and Google Cloud. Moreover, it performs automatic conversions of transport interfaces between end-points, ie. from mainframe to Azure cloud.


With AutomateNOW!, you can transfer large volumes: many small files, groups of files and large files in an optimal way with advanced workload balancing strategies, regardless of the operating system: Linux, UNIX, AIX, z/OS, Windows, HPUX, Solaris, OpenVMS.

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