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<p>SAP Orchestration</p>

SAP Orchestration

Improve operational efficiency and reduce costs with next-gen SAP operations automation based on contextual intelligence.

SAP Automation with AutomateNOW!
SAP Orchestration with AutomateNOW!

Smarter job management

Go beyond the SAP built-in scheduling features or limited capabilities offered by other legacy job schedulers. AutomateNOW! introduces event-driven job creation, dynamic job prioritization, and automation based on contextual intelligence built on historical execution data and events. The platform brings end-to-end job monitoring with an insight into dependencies, priorities, and parameters; critical path analysis; real-time forecasting; SLA protection and self-healing ability.


AutomateNOW! orchestrates all SAP generations:

  • SAP R/3
  • SAP S/4
AutomateNOW! SAP orchestration brings cost reduction

Automate processes across the broad enterprise ecosystem

With its infinite integrations approach, AutomateNOW! enables businesses to automate across their entire ecosystem of applications, including other SAP modules, non-SAP platforms, and other business applications. As a technology-agnostic software, AutomateNOW! can connect seamlessly with various systems, allowing businesses to make use of data from their enterprise ecosystem to trigger events that can influence SAP jobs. Moreover, AutomateNOW! enables businesses to pass parameters from SAP to other systems for interconnected and streamlined workload automation.

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